By implementing the latest technologies like fiber optics and LED’s or Light Emitting Diodes, which are energy efficient and offer ultra long life and low maintenance, Visual Aquatic’s customers gain an economic benefit, while simultaneously achieving a unique and individual look or design for their pool and spa. Visual Aquatics continually pushes the boundaries of what is thought possible.

Visual Aquatics only sales through authorized dealers and distributors across the globe. Please contact us for dealer and distributor details.

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  • Fiber Optic Star Kit

    Add a touch of the Universe to your Pool or Spa by incorporating Fiber Optic Stars.

  • Visual Fiber Optic WaterFalls

    Visual WaterFall™ is one of the most popular waterfalls on the market. It creates a beautiful sheet flow effect.

  • Galaxy Rocks

    Our Galaxy Rocks™ can provide a striking lit groundcover. Galaxy Rocks™ can provide the permanence you seek.

With the new lighting technologies, such as LED technology, and the increasing demand for energy efficient solutions, Visual Aquatics will continue shaping the future with groundbreaking new lighting applications.

Visual Aquatics continually pushes the boundaries of what is thought possible, while employing innovative technologies and practices that are sensible and sustainable in today’s environmental and economic climate.

Eran Benghiat, Impact Lighting Inc.'s Marketing Director